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Michael Chaos Empty Michael Chaos

on Tue May 08, 2018 5:53 pm
Name: Michael Long

Ring Name: Michael Chaos

Pic base: Jay Lethal

Home town: Atlanta, Georgia

Billed from: Atlanta, Georgia

Height: 5'11

Weight: 220 pounds

Alignment: Tweener

Gimmick: For so many years he tried to succeed. He tried to be a football player, but failed tried to be a college student but failed. That is the story of his life he is a fucking failure. He is the type of guy who just didn't live up to the potential he had. So one day in his piece of crap life he met some weird motherfuckers. They taught him how to be tranquilo. See they had all been at the point too. They were all failures before meeting each other. Together they found their niche as cold
motherfuckers. After becoming a member of their closeknit team, Michael returned to his life with a new mindset. A tranquilo mindset. He stopped trying so hard and just took every second of life to be relaxed. He doesn't need people, people need him. He became everything they wanted to be. He wasn't just showing up anymore, he was going to show out. So he is setting out to be the best, but all the while making sure to stay tranquilo.

Theme song: Scorched ops by Scott Reinwand

Entrance description: Scorched Ops start before the lights start to dim out and a lone light shines on the stage as Michael walks out staring around the arena. He then squats down on the entrance ramp before raising his arm with 1 finger pointed towards the sky. He then stands as he walks slowly down the ramp, ignoring everyone else in the arena. Michael then climbs up on the apron.

Announcer: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia Michael Chaos

He then enters the ring and climbs on the turnbuckle and lays on it like he doesn't care about anything in the world.

Moveset (at least 10 moves):
Diving double axe handle
European uppercut
Figure-four leglock
Diving elbow drop
Hip toss followed by a cartwheel followed by a dropkick to the opponent's face
Inverted suplex lifted and dropped into a sitout wheelbarrow facebuster
Koji clutch
Multiple kick variations
Discus enzuigiri
Springboard drop
Running vertical suplex
Release dragon suplex
Snap suplex
Spinning spinebuster
Suicide dive

Signature Moves (max 5):
End of The Line (Two German Suplexes and Then a Stalling Brainbuster),
Crucifixion(Calf Slicer Submission),

Finisher (Max 3):
Chaotic Elbow(Bull Hammer Elbow)
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