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Sylvester Diamond
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Michael Chaos  v Andre Case Empty Michael Chaos v Andre Case

on Thu May 10, 2018 12:24 pm
Promos for Chaos v Case go here

Promo Minimum: 1
Promo Maximum: 4

Promo Deadline: June 7th at 11:59pm CST.
Andre Case
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Michael Chaos  v Andre Case Empty Re: Michael Chaos v Andre Case

on Tue May 15, 2018 8:28 pm
INT- Andre's Penthouse.

--[The last six months have been crazy for the man they call the "Insane" icon. First, he wins the IXW world title from Jaylen Preston after three unsuccessful attempts, although all three of those were marred by interference of some sort at their "Heaven Comes" Pay per view, then not even two weeks later, he becomes the first man to complete what people within the KVW circle call the "Grand Slam" when he won their "Tournament of Champions", beating long time rival Harrison Jackson to do so, combining that with his "Golden Briefcase" and "king of the ring" victories for the aforementioned Grand Slam, only to KVW to then be seized by the FBI before the confetti could even be cleaned up and the federation hastily closed due to undetected tax evasion by ownership.

That would leave him with only IXW, where he would retain the belt twice, before dropping it to Nick Andrews on a taping of "Moonlight" before stunningly being "fired" from the federation, with them citing a "breach of contract" as the reason, although it is unknown whether or not that was actually the case. Either way, Andre right now is without a home and without anywhere to compete, or well, he was without those things anyway, as it was leaked over DWA.com that they had managed to "pick up" his contract, thus making him a official member of their roster.

Andre once again, gets to work with former AXWL& IXW GM Sylvester Diamond, who had been one of the catalysts for Andres rise up the ranks in wrestling circles back in 2013 when he plucked Andre from a backtyard wrestling convention in Sacramento. Andre is now sitting atop his sofa, a beet in his right hand and a glass table in front of him, a smile across his face.]-

(Andre Case|Insane Icon)
"So, here we are again. Working under Sylvester on a project that almost dabbles with the unknown. First it was me as IXW American champion, now its a whole new federation in the DWA. It's almost as if it was meant to be this way between the two of us. That we were meant to be somehow linked to one another, whether that be in a wrestling capacity or in a life capacity. I'm not going to complain about it though, as he did save me from having to try and find another place, another unknown destination and at least have somewhere i know will be established. Somewhere with known prestige."

-[Laughing to himself, Andre takes a swig of his beer, before placing his arm atop the armrest and thinking some more about everything. About the circumstance that have lead him here.]-

(Andre Case|Insane Icon)
"I told my wife when i signed here, that it's funny really. IXW claims there was some "breach of contract" that i aint heard about, because i fulfilled all their requirements as world champion, and even some that i didnt even HAVE to fill, but we won't get into that. All of a sudden, i then get a call from some HR rep not even two days later, telling me that DWA had picked up my contract and that i would be on the roster immediately. I'd almost have a guess and say that Sylvester was behind that, as its too much of a coincidence. Im not going to complain though, as it shows Sylvester knows what he wants in a superstar. It shows he can appreciate what i bring to the table and I respect that about him. Plus, an opportunity to kick some ass is never a bad thing at all."

-[Laughing, he takes another swig of the beer.]-

(Andre Case|Insane Icon)
"Whether that be the usual suspects like Travis Bush or Nick Crow or even Jamal Benjamin, or fresh meat like Michael Chaos, who i have been given the opportunity to face this week, im not one to turn down the chance to go into that ring and batter them from pillar to post. Michael, i dont know too much about you, outside of the fact that you are looking to turn around a lifetime of losing and become a winner, somebody worthwhile for once in your life but sadly, that aint going to be at my expense.

Im not going to sit here and tell you ive been a winner all my life, because i havent been. Ive taken my lumps, ive been on the losing end of the stick and have the scars to show for it, but each one has made me into the person i am today. A person, who isnt afraid to break every one of your bones inside of that ring, if it means i walk out with the win. Im willing to let you do the same to me, in fact, i WANT you to do the same to me, because that just makes the win all the sweeter."

-[ZOOM on the cuts, the scars that are upon Andre's body, reminders of just what he had to go through, in order to forge his career. ZOOM OUT back to the previous shot, as Andre laughs.]-

(Andre Case}Insane Icon)
"You will be no different. One thing you will learn, is that the ring is my greatest weapon, that it is my haven of violence and come June 8th, you will understand just why that is. You better bring your best shots, because im bringing mine and if you don't bring it all, you will fold."

-[END SCENE with Andre taking one final swig of his beer, a shit eating grin across his face.]-
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