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Andre Case
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"Insane" Andre Case Empty "Insane" Andre Case

on Thu May 10, 2018 12:53 pm
Name: Andre Case

Ring Name: Andre Case

Pic base: Dean Ambrose

Home town: Vacaville, CA

Billed from: Sacramento, CA

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 231 lbs

Alignment: Face

Gimmick:An underground/backyard MMA artist, who turned to wrestling to fill his depraved craving for ultra violence and blood, with a hint of derangement splashed in.

Theme song: I'm gonna show you crazy by Bebe Rexia

Entrance description: I'm gonna show you crazy begins to play out of the PA system, as graphical highlights of "Insane" Andre Case appear upon the titantron; his Yellow/Black nameplate appears on the screens near the entrance. Stepping out from behind the curtain, Andre simply walks to the ring, occasionally stopping to either run his hands through his hair, or look his opponent in the eyes, a deranged, focused look upon his face, before he makes his way up the ramp.

Announcer: From Sacramento, CA ... he is "INSANE" ANDRE CASE!

Rolling into the ring, Andre takes the time to bang his head three times against the turnbuckle, before looking over at his opponent and crouching down, awaiting the commencement of the match.

Moveset (at least 10 moves):

Leg drop to midsection
Running knee to opponent seated in corner
springboard elbow/lariat/knee
Bulldog [Any version]
Avalanche Fall-away slam/Fall-away slam
Backbreaker [any version]
Corner machine gun chopes
Punches to opponent's face/chest [sometimes followed by a side elbow strike to the temple]
Standing Double Foot Stomp
DDT [any version]
Swinging Neckbreaker
Running Drop Kick [Sometimes to a tree of woe hung opponent]
Inverted Suplex
Suplex [any]
Powerbomb [Any]
Step-through Roundhouse kick
Leg Lariat [Sometimes to seated/kneeling opponent]

Signature Moves (max 5):

Spider Driver [Tiger Driver, sometimes from top rope (if using as a finisher)]

Sacramento Plunge [Headlock Driver, sometimes while running]

Ultraviolent Knee [Viscous running Knee strike to kneeling opponent] NOTE: This is ALWAYS done with a steel chair in hardcore matches

Violence Fetish [Spinning back hand punch into a Guillotine/Hangman's Facebuster]

Finisher: (Max 3)

Spider Driver 2.0 [Straitjacket Dragon Suplex]

Bloodbath [Death Valley Driver] NOTE: This can be done from anywhere and is ALWAYS done with a weapon in hardcore matches [chair/table/Apron]
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