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on Sat May 12, 2018 4:58 pm
Name: Dylan Everly
Ring Name: Dante Pollox
Pic base: Dante Pollox White_en-352x528
Home town: Boston, Massachustts
Billed from: Provo, Utah
Height :6' 1"
Weight: 250 lb.
Alignment: Heel
Gimmick: Psycho Killer who wants to make everyone else insane.
Theme song: Thought Contagion By Muse
Entrance description: Jacob walks out as the song starts and stands at the entrance with his head down until the lyrics begin. During the first verse, he stalks down to the ring, staring at the ring/his opponent with a cold glare. He slides into the ring as the chorus begins. Inside the ring, he turns to the crowd, points at his opponent, and cuts his throat.
Running Bulldog
Double Axe Handle
Forearm Smash
Pumphandle Suplex
Corner Uppercut
Samoan Drop
Signature Moves:
Sitout Hammerlock Suplex
Buckle Bomb
Evenflow DDT with theatrics (cuts throat after stomach kick)
One Bad Day (Cross Armbreaker)
Tragedy (TKO)
Coup d'etat (Rainmaker)
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