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Wallace: The Windy City weirdo Empty Wallace: The Windy City weirdo

on Sun May 13, 2018 8:19 am
Wallace: The Windy City weirdo Emo_philips_onstage4x3-300

Wallace: The Windy City weirdo IMG_7437

Name: Wallace Williams
Ring Name: Wallace
Pic base: Emo Philips 1980s-1990s
Home town: Chicago, Illinois
Billed from: Chicago,  Illinois
Height: 6 ft 3
Weight: 170 lbs
Alignment: he has a cult following and is a local celebrity in his Chicago but fans can love him or hate him, either way everyone thinks he is weird.
Gimmick: Wallace is a child prodigy with a very high IQ who is estranged from his wealthy straight laced and stern parents. He was raised by Angus Bernstein a circus ring master and wrestling promoter. Wallace is a professional wrestler,  stand up comedian, magician, television show host( he has his own Pee-Wee's play house type of show), ventriloquist, musician.  He is a     contortionist.
Theme song: Livin' In The Sunlight by Tiny Tim
Entrance description: He rides out on a unicycle with a gigantic but edible rainbow swirl lolipop which he gives to a fan in the audience. He rides bumping against the ring and flinging himself over the top apron rope with a double front flip into a front headstand handspring and a springboard leap frog( Sami Zayn style) into a split.

Moveset (at least 10 moves):
pele kick
dropsault( landing on feet)

super sunset flip into running turnbuckle powerbomb
backslide driver
swinging fisherman
Damien Sandow/ Fandango style russian legsweep

630 senton-
running strike attack
second/ middle corner turnbuckle rope diving
slingshot-springboard to standing or prone opponent

running dragon rana

running front flip + shotgun front dropkick( sending opponent into the turnbuckle corner Delirious/ Finn Balor style)

phoenix splash-
springboard middle apron rope
springboard top apron rope( in ring and springboard apron to ring side)
second turnbuckle ropes

diving phoenix-dragon rana

various pins-
European Clutch (Double wrist-clutch flip into a bridging cradle pin)
northern lights suplex
german suplex
dragon suplex
tiger suplex

double leg scissors pin( usually preceded by a tiger spin)

Ranhei-( innovated by Madoka, popularized as the SOS by Kofi Kingston)- sometimes followed up with a calf crippler( AJ style's calf slicer/ crusher) or muta lock

reverse DDT hold + split leg drop combo( innovated by Matt Sydal,  later adopted by Melina) preceded by a springboard back handspring shiranui into the standing reverse DDT hold)

middle turnbuckle moonsault tornado DDT  

hurricanrana, headscissor takedown and frankensteiner variants

arm drag, arm wringer and hip toss variants

STO variants
double nipple twist- to standing opponent
                               to cornered opponent or opponent with arms trapped in the ring apron ropes.


Signature Moves (max 5)

hammerlock- + wet willy
sleeperhold + noogie
Damien Sandow/Fandango style  russian legsweep -
Double pumphandle orange crush- el Generico
bridging package fallaway power bomb ( Kalisto, Kevin Owens, Kota Ibushi)

Finisher: (Max 3)
Chi-Town Crunch: rotation with opponent in Alabama slam position into a Kneeling cradle belly-to-back piledriver (sometimes with pinning aspect)

Manager: Angus Bernstein( Paul Heyman)

taunts- contortionist poses

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