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Trent Kenneth Bio (Commentator) Empty Trent Kenneth Bio (Commentator)

on Tue May 15, 2018 7:44 pm
Name: Trent Kenneth

Picbase: Luke Bryan

Age: 48

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Commentary Experience: 18 years (7 as lead commentator)

Alignment: Neutral though he usually supports the faces.

DWA Position: Play by play commentator.

Bio: Heralded by many as being the "voice" of the MWA, Trent had worked with them since 2000, when they signed him from the Baltimore Orales (where he had been working as an announcer) for three years. Since then, he has been mostly on MWA's "Storm" broadcasts, mainly partnered with Nick Dawson, though he has also worked for ACWW and JIPW, the former of which is where he met Sylvester Diamond, who upon hearing of Trent's release from MWA due to differences in production, swooped instantly to make him the voice of DWA's weekly programming. He is a hard-nosed commentator who will usually stay down the middle, though has been known to be more supportive of "faces" in the past.
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