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Nick Crow Bio Empty Nick Crow Bio

on Mon May 07, 2018 5:52 am
Name: Nick Thimpsen

Ring Name:Nick Crow

Nicknames: "Lucifer", "The Vigilante of Professional Wrestling"

Pic base: Sting

Home town: Tampa Bay, Florida

Billed from: The back alleyways of Tampa

Height: 6'

Weight: 243 lbs

Alignment: Face (for now)

Gimmick: a Vigilante, who look's out for the interests of wrestling over everything else. Or, so he'd have you think. There is a layer of self-indulgence to what he does, but his main focus is "cleaning the scum from the industry".

Theme song: King Nothing by Metallica

Entrance description: The arena plunges into darkness as the sound of crows can be heard resonating throughout, before the shadow of Nate can be seen making it's way to the ring. When the lights turn back on, he is seen in the middle of the ring, arms outstretched and awaiting his opponent.

Moveset (at least 10 moves):

Punches (Euro, Uppercut, Jabs, backhanded)

Kicks (Koppo, Standing Side, Drop, Buzzsaw)

Suplexes (Dragon, Half-Nelson, Fisherman's, Snap)


Any Neckbreaker

Any Bulldog

Running Knee Strike to seated or kneeling opponent (sometimes in corner)

Big Boot

Signature Moves (max 5)

Crow-D-T (Lifting Inverted DDT)

Alleyway Boot (Drive-By kick to cornered opponent)

Finisher: (Max 3)

Crow Horizon (Sit-out powerbomb)

The Soulbreaker (Cobra Clutch backbreaker held into Cobra Clutch)
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