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Jamal Benjamin v Priest Empty Jamal Benjamin v Priest

on Mon May 07, 2018 12:20 pm
Promo's for Benjamin v Priest go here.

Promo Minimum: 1
Promo Maximum: 4

Promo Deadline: June 7th at 11:59pm CST.
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Jamal Benjamin v Priest Empty Re: Jamal Benjamin v Priest

on Mon May 07, 2018 12:44 pm
Jamal Benjamin ...

The man who's pitiful "undefeated streak" came to an end at my hands, just three months ago, yet the same man who finds himself once again opposing me, this time within a new battleground. A battleground, that know's not of what has been brought upon them. Of the hell, that awaits them once i enter there hall's. Their promotion and reap the souls of those who are proven to be weak. Who are proven to be nothing more than worthless souls, living off the energy of those superior to them. People like Jamal, who claim's he is the "Ultimate Underdog", that he is the spark that the fan's can be inspired by. The shining light, in the cruel world that surrounds us, which is all a lie.

Which is all a construct, created so that he doesnt have to admit the truth. So that he doesnt have to stand before the fans who hold him in esteem and admit that he is weak. That he cannot stand up to the shadows. To the all-conquering forces of darkness that stand before him. Remember Jamal, last time you tried, you were left on the mat, left to helplessly stare on as the darkness ensnared you within its embrace. As you slowly drifted deeper into the pit of your own ignorance.

You couldnt do it. You couldnt fight the reality, just like you wont be able to this time around. So, why even try? Why even put yourself in that position again, all so I can finish what i started? So that I can lay you six feet under; laugh as the life slowly fades from your eyes and the truth is exposed once more to the world. Jamal Benjamin, is nothing more than a fraud. A feeble being, who has deceived all those ignorant, blind fans into believing he is their "hero". Fooled them into cheering his name, when all he is, is a shell.

There's no such thing as Hero's.

Theres no such thing as "fairy tales" Jamal.

Come June 8, the final bell shall toll upon your soulless career.
Jamal Benjamin
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Jamal Benjamin v Priest Empty Re: Jamal Benjamin v Priest

on Thu May 10, 2018 1:41 pm
$$$Jamal sits in front of a Television screen, his eyes looking dead into the camera$$$

--Yes Priest, last time we faced, you did officially "win", but can you REALLY call it that? Can you look me in the eye and make the claim that you truly, honestly "won" that match, without having to concede what ACTUALLY happened that night? In case your in need of a little refresher, I decided to roll the footage from "Final Horizon". Maybe that will trigger some recollections.--

(The following is from XWL's "Final Horizon" event on the 18th of February, 2018)

**Jamal slowly makes his way to his feet, woozy from the impact of his sunset flip powerbomb, but still in better shape than the still downed "Priest", who is barely stirring.**

A.J: Jamal in full control now, he looking to put Priest away, get redemption for all the games Priest has played this week.

Corey: I wouldnt say that just yet. He still has to get the count of 3.

**Setting him up, Jamal awaits Priest to make his way up, at least to a kneeling position. When he does, he steps in and slams his boot right into the jaw of the monstrosity, watching as he falls back first onto the match, either concussed or out cold due to the impact**


**Just as Jamal is about to go for the pin, the sound of a Raven cawing can be heard throughout the PA System, causing Jamal to hesitate and look around, as the arena plunges into darkness, a single tombstone appearing on the tron's screen**

A.J: What the fuck is going on? Corey?

**Corey is frozen in shock, as a shadow appears in front of the tombstone, whilst a loud thud can be heard inside of the ring, followed by satanic laughter ringing throughout the PA system, before as if nothing happened, the screen and lights returns to normal, only this time: Jamal is the one on his back, out cold with Priest standing atop of him, for the academic three count**

A.J: I ... I can't believe it.


Mitchell: The Winner of this match ... PRIEST!

$$$We return to Jamal, who has a focused look upon his face$$$

---Was it REALLY you, or was it Druid who beat me? I know, the record books will forever say "Priest defeated Jamal Benjamin" but we BOTH know the truth. We BOTH know that you werent getting back up from that blindside. You were all but done for, before coincidentally, Druid's intervention, and yes, i know it was Druid so dont try that "I had nothing to do with it" bullshit that I know you will, because we all know you planned for him to bail you out. That you knew that unless he provided divine intervention that there was NO WAY you were beating me. Wanna know why, Priest? Because Im inside your head. Your OBSESSED with me, OBSESSED with trying to prove that i am "weak", that I am "inferior" to you, because these fans elected ME to be the one whos name is in bright lights. That i am there "icon" and NOT you.

I dont blame them either, I wouldnt want to have a satanic ritualistic "satanist" who tries to act all brooding and demonic to be the representation of me, especially not when i could support somebody who has not just risen from Murder city and not just survived, but thrived, but somebody who carry's the Dreams of them. Who is at the end of the day, just like them. Would you? Be honest, Priest, and not just answer based off the act you try to maintain. ---

$$$Jamal smiles$$$

---Im not afraid of you. Im not even scared of you, Priest. In fact, in another life, id pity you. Id legitimately feel sad that somebody feels the need to act all demented and "sadistic" just so they can get attention. So that they can try and get someone to listen to them, whilst starving off the temptation of cutting their wrists. And at DWA's inaugural "Thunder" event, the whole world is going to get to see what SHOULD'VE happened at Final Horizon. What WOULD'VE happened, if Druid never got involved. Spoiler: That is me, beating you and unveiling the little mystique you have. The aura that surrounds you and EXPOSING it to the whole damn world. That is not a fairy tale, you're right there. That is reality and its time you face it.---

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Jamal Benjamin v Priest Empty Re: Jamal Benjamin v Priest

on Mon May 14, 2018 5:09 pm
Poor, deluded Jamal ...

You REALLY thought that cute "Blindside" was enough to put me away? That your own illusion of 'Druid' being the reason i won, would mean that people would believe you? That they would confess that you ARE the shining light, who breaks through the cold, dark aura that you believe is shattered? HAHA. Yes, Druid DID invoke himself upon you, but it wasnt because i needed him to, or because i wanted you to be sidetracked. It was because YOU had painted your own portrait. It had been you, that had caused him to wish for the reaping to occur.

For the truth, to be planted within the world's sorrow. Yet you willingly choose to push it all upon ME, in a desperate attempt to mask your own flaws. In order to hide within the bubble you call home. I must thank you though, because you DID enable me to write the passage within the famed annuls. You were the enabler, for the harvest that shall rise at Thunder.

A harvest, that i and i alone shall transverse upon. There'll be no Droid this time, not because he doesnt want to be here, but because he has another task within the circle to complete. A task, greater than anything that can be foreseen. For you, that only spells your end ... for I shall be the one to expose everything you stand for.

Everything, these fans hold dear about you, everything that embodies what you truly are. You claim this is an act, when in reality, you just cannot fathom it. You dont possess the capability to see the shadows that creep within your soul, that mask those little "dreams" you have. Those hopes, that are merely weaknesses ... that only exist, to hide the failure that lives within you. Dreams, that lead you to the delusion of my supposed "obsession".

HAHA, if i were obsessed with you, youd be six feet under right now, suffocated within the dirt, just like all those who have attempted to make the same, asinine claim in the past. The fact that you are not, should tell you that this is more a pity party, than an obsession. Yes, I DO feel Jamal, I DO pity you. Not because of your sob story, fairy tale rising, but rather, the fall that commenced at Final Horizon. A fall, that shall continue at Thunder, as you slip into the darkness; stare face to face with your own demise.

You're right.

This IS reality, but not the reality you want for it to be.
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Jamal Benjamin v Priest Empty Re: Jamal Benjamin v Priest

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