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Travis Bush v Nick Crow Empty Travis Bush v Nick Crow

on Mon May 07, 2018 12:21 pm
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Promo Deadline: June 7th at 11:59pm CST.
Travis Bush
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Travis Bush v Nick Crow Empty Re: Travis Bush v Nick Crow

on Tue May 08, 2018 6:01 am
**A solitary spotlight can be seen, shining down upon the middle of the ring at a DWA houst show, as Travis Bush stares around at the small, yet passionate crowd.**

It's funny how 3 months can change everything, isn't it? I mean, it may not have even been that long ago, that I stood out in front of 55,000 people, all crammed in and there to see ME crowned as the undisputed "king of the ring". Well, I already knew that, but they wanted to make it official, verify that it was indeed the truth. Even if SOME wannabe's still wanted to deny that was the case. But now?

**He pauses, looking out and trying to do a mental count inside of his head of how many people have come to this event, which is TECHNICALLY the first event of the DWA's life. Although, it is never going to officially be noted in that manner**

Now, I stand here, in front of barely 200 people, being treated like I am some kind of pauper. Treated, as if I am just like these people, who couldn't touch success, even if it smacked them in the face and left them laying on their back.

**The Crowd boos his viscous, as Travis simply laughs**

You guys KNOW it's true. Otherwise, you'd be in admiration of the man who stands before you. The man, who has taken the time out of his schedule to ACTUALLY dictate what should already be known to you, yet you want to jeer. You want to believe that somebody like Nick Crow will come and "Shut me up", huh?

**Gesturing, he mockingly silences himself**

Thats NOT how it works, sorry. See, Nick might THINK he's protecting you. That he's doing what is "moral" and "just", but all he is doing, is playing a facade. He's lying to you, and he's lying to himself. He KNOWS deep down, that you're not worth "protecting", that no matter how much he might try to resist the tide he claims is coming, that he is this soldier for the forces of wrestling, that he is no better than me. No better than anyone he claims is "destroying" the industry. I say destroying loosely, because if we're supposedly destroying it, then it mustn't have been in a good state to begin with.

**Laughing, he smiles as the crowd's booing gets louder and louder with each word that he states**

If it is to be destroyed by the truth. Because ive shown it time and time again. Ive proven every fuckin' time I enter this ring, that i AM the best. That i AM everything you could have thought of me, and then some and that grates at you, doesn't it? You can't stand to see somebody who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk as well. And you know, i cant blame you for that. Id be the same way, if i was there in the crowd, toiling away to only walk home and have to look at the failure i am, the failure that Nice Crow is in the eyes and admit "Travis is right". That you are the failure that the whole world can see, that your own family can see.

**At this point, the crowd begins to throw trash into the ring, some even looking like they want to jump over the barricade and actually fight Travis**

Awwh, did i strike a nerve? Did i get into your feeling's and make you actually have to reflect on yourselves for ONCE in your sorry life's. Just like when Thunder roll's around, Nick will have to reflect upon himself and just why he couldnt beat ME. Just why he failed you. Why he failed himself.

Nick Crow
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Travis Bush v Nick Crow Empty Re: Travis Bush v Nick Crow

on Tue May 08, 2018 12:23 pm
"Travis, for somebody who has consistently fallen flat at the biggest moments, you seem to hold yourself in such high esteem, don't you? You seem to have this sense that being crowned the "King of the Ring", which if your truly honest with yourself, though that might be asking a little too much from you, was the most undeserved title youll ever receive in your career, validates your holier than thou nature. That it offers credence to the belief that you are this superior being, who can freely look down upon others without repercussions. As you like to say, that's not how it works.

See, why don't we just take a little bit of a look at HOW you "won" that king of the ring crown, shall we? First of all, you intentionally put Kevin Janson on the shelf, because we BOTH know you were afraid of him. That's fine, that's wrestling. Eliminating someone who is a threat is the name of the game, I'm guilty of having done that myself. Then you turned around and blindsided Ario before your match, all so you could strut around and believe that it was fair terms when you went one on one, which it clearly wasnt. Again, fine. Understandable, even if all it does is expose your cowardice, which was only shown further when you decided too use the ropes for leverage when you pinned him.

Scared he was going to kick out? I mean, the high and mighty Travis shouldnt need to be scared, isnt that right? You get the jist, each one of your wins in that tournament was just you showing how insecure you really are. How much you NEEDED something, someone to validate you, to tell you that it was all okay. That you are the shining star that you constantly ram down the throats of anyone who has the time of day to listen, that you are.

Time and time again, you talk about how I cannot beat you, how you're going to make me realize I failed these people, that i failed myself, but the delusion in those words seeps through. Did you forget that last time we shared the ring, I was the one standing tall? That you were the one cowering away, tail tucked between your legs, as you realized that i wasnt going to play you're little game?

That as much as you could deceive the ref, as much as you could deceive those cronies of yours, and yes, i said it: we ALL know that "RGang" was made to supplement that ego of yours, stroke your fragile self-confidence that you were robbed, deep down, you know that its you that has been lying to themselves. That its YOU that has been caught within the wool you have tightly pressed against your eyes.

That it is YOU that cannot beat ME.Just like it was in ACWF, just like it will be here in the DWA. You wont do it, you cant do it and we both know that. How? Because look at how you approach the match. You make this about the fans, you make this about trying to regurgitate the same nonsense about them not being worth protection, when that has never been my motivation. When that is just a diversionary tactic, a way for you to try and make an excuse for when the inevitable occurs. This isnt about them, this is about me and you and the DWA world championship.

Yes, i "protect" the fans, in the sense that i am here to clean the industry of scum like you, but that is as far as my relationship with them go's. They respect me, because they know i have the best interests of wrestling at heart, that i WANT this business to be cleansed and those who try to talk themselves into a belief that they can waltz in and have things gifted to them, are left to realize that couldnt be any further from the truth. Just as you will, once again, see at my hands come Thunder on the 8th of June.

"8 and 0"
Travis Bush
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Travis Bush v Nick Crow Empty Re: Travis Bush v Nick Crow

on Wed May 16, 2018 1:46 am
**Travis sits in front of a podium, smiling as he looks around at the media that has arrived for his press conference**

Nick, you bring up your 7-9 record against me like its relevant or something. Sure, it's cute you think it works like that but it doesnt. In actuality, we've only met twice in 1 v 1 matches and both times, you were extremely lucky to escape them. Oh, and you want to call ME lucky, for doing things YOU admitted yourself, that you would have done? That's REALLY rich of you. Then again, i expected this. I expected this from somebody who's as out of touch as the fans are with what is actually true. With the fact that an actual "rockstar" has taken over everything they hold dear to them, revolutionized it in way's they couldn't even pretend to imagine.

**Looking over at one of the media members who has raised their hands, he allows them to ask him a question**

You want to know what i meant by Nick was extremely lucky to survive them? Well, you see, the first one was when i had been illegally knocked out by a pair of brass knuckles ... just like the blind side attacks he claimed i did in order to win my tournament matches. Which, by the way, were 1000% LEGAL and not some trickery like the so called "vigilante" would have you believe, and his second one was when i had my foot on the rope BEFORE the referee counted to 3, but of course, he had to be Stevie Wonder, didnt he? he just HAD to act like my foot WASN'T on the rope and give Nick the victory, so that he would stop crying.

**Travis puts on some fake tears**

Look at me, im Nick Crow. Im tired of losing, and ill quit if i dont get to beat Travis. Wah. Yes, that was the actual transcript of his conversation before our match, so of course, as the gracious guy that i am, i decided to throw him a bone. The win didnt MEAN anything anyway, and i was STILL going to be better than him no matter what, so it was whatever. But i see he wants to parade it like it's an accomplishment, even though he tries to call me irrelevant.

**Travis smirks, as another interviewer, this time a blond in the front row, poses him a question**

How do i know this? Well, i mean, have you guys SEEN Nick? He's a fucking crybaby about the fans, about how he wants to cleanse the business, only to turn around and act the way he claims i do. Making him a hypocrite, but he's not going to admit that, is he? I mean, at least if im going to bend rules, and i do, im not going to try and deny it afterwards.

**The reporter tries to ask a follow up, but Travis cuts her off**

Again, my attacks werent against the rules, and Nick himself admitted he would have done the same thing, which reflects more on him than me when you think about it. Cheating is something ive NEVER done, just ask my girlfriend. Just ask anybody who knows me, i might expand the boundries a little, but i dont cheat. Nick, your deluded if you think you're winning on June 8th, we both know that. Because you're not.

I AM going to walk out out that match with my shot at gold intact, leaving you to mope with your fans, and realize that maybe, just maybe, you're lying to yourself.

**Scene ends**
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Travis Bush v Nick Crow Empty Re: Travis Bush v Nick Crow

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